Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) -  It’s location is found in the region between the base of the spine and the pubic bone. The Sacral Chakra is also refered to as the Naval Chakra. This is not only because of it’s location in the the sacrum (just below the naval or belly button) physically, but more because of the particular areas of life and experience within its realm of dominion. Powers exercised by the Sacral Chakra relate to emotion, pleasure, relationships. Symbiotically, the Sacral Chakra wields controlling influence over the negative behaviors inherant to being – like violence and addictions.  Svadisthana is the both the governor and custodian of procreation, creativity, ingenuity and in accord, – the experiencing of joy and happiness.

Motivation and decision making abilities are empowered from the Sacral Chakra. It’s energy is coellescent with choices one makes mentally and emotionally. The corresponding success or failure of one’s endeavors can be found seated in the Sacral Chakra. Levels of success and or failure are determined within it’s proactive yet aquiescent nature, as are the keys to gaining mastery of it’s mysterious objectives. Like all the Chakras, The Sacral Chakra can be likened to a mirror. It reflects that which it is given while providing the light energy by which to see the reflection.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with control over the body parts of the lower region. The lower spine, large intestines, bladder and sexual organs are within it’s sphere of influence and control.  Like the Root Chakra (and in dynamic connection with it) The Sacral Chakra is linked to the realization of potential. Like every one of the Chakras, there are unknown depths regarding all of their power and only through frequent exercise of Chakra meditation and clearing can those hidden treasures be uncovered.

The Sacral Chakra is essential to the Chakra chain. It is the second energy vortex in the Chakra chain.

The Sacral Chakra’s color is Orange. It’s gemstone is amber. It’s earth element is Amber. Orange is the color of feeling and expression, Harnessing or doing - purpose. It garners connection with the sense of smell.

It is said in the Vedas that the amber harbours the power of magnetism. In fact, the graphic symbol for the Sacral Chakra is an orange flower with six pedals. it’s Sanskrit name/symbol (Svadisthana) at it’s center.

The human body exists in a synergetically complete progeny of energies and vibrations which find both intent and contentment  in coalescence within us. These energies manifest themselves as frequencies. Just as each Chakra contains and relays a specific emmision of intent and purpose (information code), so do they require communication from the vibrance of the life-force Shakti.

Concepts of syncronicity and ‘Kizmet’ are deeply associated with the conflux of all that is and that which we are in greater way apart of. As we grow in Chakra meditation, so does our awareness of the energetic, synergetic frequencies with which we are intwined.

The frequency range of the Sacral Chakra is said to be slightly higher than that of the Root Chakra between 293.665hz  as base for optimum meditation and healing, and that of the Root Chakra at 261.626Hz  in progression.  Learn more about Meditation audio.

The range is juxtaposed and is entirely specific to the individual. Only through Chakra meditation and the correlating supplication of it’s exercise can the true, univerally assigned modulation be divined and properly attuned.

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